Jinizm | 2007

The icon was created using the fingerprints of two individuals to express their belief in marriage: Respect each other's individual identity while also working together harmoniously as a team.

Honey Bistro


Honey Bistro is located in the new San Francisco Federal Building complex.
The logotype reflects the easy, friendly and clean atmosphere. The added honey drips to the letter O makes the logotype eye catching in the middle of busy downtown scene.

Vessel Ideation


Limitless creative solutions grow from a Chicago based design boutique, Vessel Ideation. They specialize in packaging, branding, and motion graphics.
Key words used to inspire the design were seed, tree and growth. Many interesting explorations for the logo were created and were featured in the book logo lounge vol.4 published by Rockport Publishers.

Mizu Spa


Mizu Spa is a modern and upscale day spa located in San Francisco.
Mizu means water in both Chinese and Japanese. They wanted a logo that looks clean and appealing to both men and women. The form of the icon was taken from the original Chinese character and refined to resemble a spontaneous water splash. The overall look and feel of the logo is non-gender biased and simply clean.

Walk&Roll to School

Cherry Chase Elementary | 2016

SAMS American Eatery


SAMS American Eatery is a classic diner located in the theater district in San Francisco.
The client wanted the restaurant to feel like 'a home away from home' for the diverse group of diners. The goal of the project was to create a logo that looks trustworthy, authentic and warm. The combination of slab-serif font, the secondary design element and lots of texture helped achieve the rustic modern look.

Gomei California Japanese Food


Coucou Japanese Cuisine


This restaurant is located in the San Francisco bay area where many great Japanese restaurants exist. The client had a specific request for the logo: the logo should look unique while conveying a direct message — Coucou is a traditional and fusion Japanese restaurant.
The logo stands out among other restaurants that are similar to Coucou by steering clear of any typical Asian fonts or icons — like chopsticks, koi fish and brush stroke calligraphy. The simple and contemporary logotype echoes Coucou's clean and inviting modern atmosphere.

Sofrito Latin Jazz & Salsa


The word Sofrito can be used to describe a flavorful mix of basic ingredients such as onions, garlic, and peppers that become the base of many Spanish, Caribbean, and Latin American dishes.
The band Sofrito, a San Francisco based group of Afro Cuban jazz musicians, used the word to describe the concept of a mixed group of talented individuals cooking up hot music together. The element of fire and the action of cooking became the concepts for the logo as well as the website for Sofrito.

SanDisk Sansa

Lunar Design | 2008

SanDisk Sansa is a product line of simple and user-friendly mp3 players. It had been recognized as the only mp3 player that competes with iPod at the time.
The logotype reinforces this positioning through understated letterforms customized to incorporate the look and feel of the product.